Mediaeval Revolt

Royal 20 C.VII, f.133
Outbreak of the Jacquerie (London, British Library, MS Royal 20 C.VII, f.133; Chroniques de France ou de St Denis, Paris, after 1380

The later Middle Ages saw an unprecedented number of popular rebellions in Western European towns and countryside. These included famous revolts like that of the Jacquerie in France, the Ciompi in Florence, and the 1381 English Rising, as well as dozens of other uprisings that have received less attention. This site was originally dedicated to the AHRC-funded project ‘The Jacquerie and Late Mediaeval Revolts’ (PI: Justine Firnhaber-Baker). This project encompassed both an individual research project on the French Jacquerie revolt of 1358 and an international collaborative project on mediaeval revolts in comparative perspective. The project produced a monograph and related publications on the Jacquerie and an edited volume of essays on mediaeval revolts in comparative perspective developed through a series of conferences.

The site continues to add resources for teaching and research and houses a blog on revolts, the medieval countryside, and related topics.

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(background image, courtesy of the British Library: London, BL, MS Royal 20 C.VII f. 33v)